BAS Clients

The June Business Activity Statement is due to be lodged and paid by the 28th July 2017. As this is an extremely busy time of the year, we request that you present all of your BAS papers to us by the 17th July.

Payment Summaries & Taxable Payments Summary Reports

If you require Sound Tax to complete these annual reporting obligations on your behalf, can you please have all the information we require to us by 8th July. Please make sure we are provided with all employees details including their full name, TFN, date of birth and address.

For Sub Contractors we need their full name and/or trading name, their ABN, contact number and address.

In both cases, we will need how much they were paid during the year and any tax that was withheld from these payments.

Relief is in sight for BAS clients, from 1st July 2017, there is simplified reporting obligations for small business. Stay tuned and we will have these changes to you in the near future


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