Treasurer absorbs warnings on budget fuelling inflation

15 May

While the federal government says its budget will lower inflation, analysts counter that broad cost-of-living relief, such as energy rebates and tax cuts, could make things worse. An expanded version of the energy-bill relief delivered in last...[Read More]

Jobseeker cash rise quashed but other help on the cards

1 May

Calls to boost Jobseeker and youth allowance payments have been hosed down by Treasurer Jim Chalmers, who says he will look at other ways to help struggling Australians as he prepares his third budget. A dozen top economists have joined a growing...[Read More]

More cost of living relief on cards in federal budget

24 April

Cost of living help in addition to well-signposted tax relief remains on the cards if the federal government can find room for it in the upcoming budget. Treasurer Jim Chalmers says the tax relief, due to kick in midway through this year, will be...[Read More]

Australia to dodge United Statesā€™ inflation uptick

17 April

Australia is yet to declare victory against inflation and hotter-than-expected price data out of the worldā€™s biggest economy and fresh volatility in oil markets are casting shadows over the outlook. AMP deputy chief economist Diana Mousina says...[Read More]

Budget surplus ā€˜still our goalā€™ despite war, inflation

17 April

Australians have been warned the budget surplus could be tiny amid cost-of-living pressures and heightened global economic uncertainty with war in Europe and conflict in the Middle East. A month out from the federal budget, Treasurer Jim Chalmers...[Read More]

Inflation holds steady but services prove stubborn

27 March

The final stretch to bring inflation back to target is proving challenging, based on fresh data, though that is broadly what the Reserve Bank expected. The Australian Bureau of Statisticsā€™ monthly inflation indicator held steady at 3.4 per cent...[Read More]

ā€˜Deliberate demand destructionā€™ of gas stings consumers

27 March

Demonising gas is adding to the cost of living crisis, exacerbating the domestic supply gap and threatening investment in Australia, according to the gas industry. Senex Energy chief executive Ian Davies has accused the federal government of...[Read More]

Attempt to break up supermarkets labelled ā€˜deficientā€™

27 March

Ending supermarket price gouging without unintended consequences is important, the Nationals say, but can be done through a deal with the Liberals rather than the Greens. As Coles and Woolworths record more than a billion dollars in profits,...[Read More]

Rising price of instant coffee a bitter blend

20 March

The cost of a morning brew came under fire in parliament as it was revealed a tin of coffee has almost doubled in price within a year at some major supermarkets. Labor MP Steve Georganas lifted the lid on the price hike of Nescafe-branded coffee...[Read More]

Swifties boost spending

13 March

The Australian economy got a leg up from Taylor Swift concerts but the much-anticipated visit was not enough to counter penny pinching elsewhere. Spending as tracked by Commonwealth Bank has been generally subdued and fell 0.3 per cent over the...[Read More]

WA ranked first, Vic last on economic performance: IPA

13 March

Western Australia is the nationā€™s best economic performer while Victoria lags behind all other states, a new report reveals. Australiaā€™s western-most state leads other states on three measures including low taxes and energy prices and high wages...[Read More]

Inflation results show signs of waning price pressures

6 March

Steady latest inflation results may seem disappointing at face value but are better than the jump economists were expecting. The Australian Bureau of Statistics monthly consumer price index data, a key measure of inflation, lifted by 3.4 per cent in...[Read More]

Millions of welfare recipients to get boost in payments

6 March

Australians on social security are set to receive more money in their pockets when payments are indexed. Those on the age pension, disability support pension and carer payment will pocket an extra $19.60 for singles and $29.40 for couples combined...[Read More]

Economy grows 0.2 per cent in December quarter

6 March

Australiaā€™s economy expanded 0.2 per cent in the December quarter, propped up by government spending and private business investment. The quarterly lift in the Australian Bureau of Statisticsā€™ official growth measure was a touch softer than...[Read More]

Electric cars crash Aussie records but utes top charts

6 March

Electric cars made up almost one in 10 new vehicles sold in Australia, according to new data, in the best result for the low-emission technology to date. But the popularity of diesel utes also soared by 26 per cent in Australia during February,...[Read More]